Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I celebrate summer by throwing dinner parties and showing a movie that everyone has already seen, or a foreign movie with subtitles, so that people can drop in and out of attention to the movie and conversations with others. My parties, they are popular, especially '80s themed ones. Especially since I am finally learning the fine art of figuring out a guest list so that certain personalities do not have the potential to clash.

Anyway, I am looking for fun board games that will do well with or without alcohol, but probably there will be some alcohol involved (non-drinkers are nevertheless polite hostesses), and so nothing too taxing on the brain. I was originally thinking Diplomacy, Risk, and Quo Vadis, until I got slammed down for being a tool on all sides. Amber suggests Settlers of Catan. I am packing Taboo in my suitcase, if it will fit next to all the books I'm already bringing up for TD and TM.

TD, ever the cool guy of my dreams, suggests Bridge. OMG. Party like it's 1899! Alternately, poker, he suggests, but I hate gambling and can't even suffer five seconds in a staring contest, much less keep a poker face. I am thinking, that since Brayden plays it, for another old school parlour game, how about Euchre? Another possibility is my favorite game from high school, Tien Len, or 13. Yeah, I used to be Vietnamese.

Any suggestions?

I am thinking of throwing a Big Lebowski dinner party, incidentally. Yes, with disgusting white russians. Eww.