Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where in the world is Belle Lettre?

When I'm not here, I'm at Scatterplot.

Otherwise, until I get my new laptop and only have Firefox and install Leechblock to prevent myself from surfing, I'm leaving behind the laptop and spending the day at the library surrounded by stacks of articles and books. Like in the good ol' days, before I was an alcoholic working at a bar, er, an academic with a permanently connected laptop.

Yes, this self-policing is weird and sad. Also sad is that my laptop is 7-8 lbs, and because I am too busy to go to the gym these days or run for more than 20 minutes, I am taking to walking the 3 miles to school (and 3 miles back) in an effort to combine cardio + commute. So leaving behind the laptop = an uncompressed spine.

Also, I have an oral defense to prepare for, which is next week. TD is helping by leaving me alone for a few days, and helping me prepare the brunch/dry run with a bunch of classmates on Sunday. It is good to have a supportive partner.