Wednesday, April 30, 2008

weird and wacky

Really, Bryan? You did entire radio show of covers of "Louie Louie"?

I think you have officially endeared yourself to the more fringe elements of the L&L audience, although you have possibly alienated most of us.

I think that's awesome!

I went on a date once with a guy who got fired from his college radio station for playing 4 hours of Gordon Lightfoot. I really wanted it to work out with him just for that reason (what a great way to describe a guy! Better than "I once went out with a guy who was obsessed with World of Warcraft"). Alas, he did not call me back and we never went out again, although clearly I am cooler. I have no idea why, to this day. Amber: "he was an ass."

TD did call me back, but he has what I consider to be appalling taste in music. Although he thinks all of my music is "emo" and "schmaltzy." We both have violated the number one dealbreakers in our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He likes reggae (him and every other 30 year old white dude trying to create an ambient beachy vibe at a house party), certain periods of '90s rock (that I am down with), (awful) punk, and something called "psy trance" (WTF?!). I like old school and '90s R&B (he calls it "Peabo Bryson music"), country (that is on his blacklist for road trips), indie bands with clever lyrics (he calls that "way too emo") and female pop singers with pretty voices (I think he would, if I didn't look at him with such loving eyes, call that "sentimental tacky crap").

We have clearly did not call our own bluffs. There is no such thing, I argue, when there are other amiable qualities to compensate. I bet you Paul Gowder will disagree, or at least say that one must then change the one bad quality into the good.

If we don't work out though, I will say "I once went out with a guy who liked something called "psy trance." Perhaps not as good as the Lightfoot line, but it's not for nothin'. Musical weirdness I can handle, musical high falutinness I couldn't. I have been listening to the same happy-making music for days on repeat (Wilco - Feist -Regina Spektor - Lizzie West -Call and Response - rinse, repeat). Yes, I am That Girl.