Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Resources on Women in the Workplace

I'm doing research for my review essay, that better damn well be published in an L&S journal because it might be the first publishable thing I write on my fave topic. I totally owe Laura Beth Nielsen an email, in hopes that she'll give me a free copy of her very expensive book and advice on making this publishable. But that means coming out to her and I am afraid she'll tell my advisor, whom she knows personally from grad school, who I am, and that I blog and have freakouts instead of working on my research. I try to keep this blog and this habit on the D-L at my actual institution, and all of those domains daily freak me out.

Damn, the academic blogosphere is too small, especially for interdisciplinary scholars at top schools--everyone knows each other. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Try Six Degrees of Jeremy Freese. Do any of you blogging grad students have this problem too? No? Well that means that either you are the perfect graduate student (lah di dah for you), or that your department is way too isolated and insular.

Robin Fretwell Wilson, “Keeping Women in Business (and Family)” (H/T Feminist Law Profs)

Male workers want to spend time with their families, too, according to this study.

Childless female workers are the most productive of all workers, according to this Canadian study by Jean Wallace and Marisa Young.

Quick, news reads for fun:

Judith Shulevitz on how the billable hour hurts women and families.

A real lawyer explains the billable hour.

Yes, blogging may be light and more law than letters this week. Unless you don't mind content-free postings of poems and music videos.