Friday, April 25, 2008

It's 9:55 PM on a Friday Night. Do you know where you are?

I'm at home, but working. You?

I have no kids to wonder where they are. But I suspect that one day, I will be home and working and my kids will be out having fun. That will bother me. Either because I was raised to not have fun by psycho strict Asian parents and work all the time (And thus feel guilt every time I have fun rather than work. This is must how raised-really-Catholics feel when they have sex), or because I will envy them their blithe youth.

Except that youth is never so blithe. Dude, I was always studying, and always going to summer school and taking extra college classes. My nephew seems to be working all the time too.

Anyway, to everyone working on a Friday night, I salute you, and give you a high five.