Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Intro to Introductory Introductions.

So after Belle's introduction, I am left trying to figure out an "introductory" post.

I would by lying if I were to say that contributing to Law & Letters hasn't left me feeling a bit intimidated. I mean, it's one thing to imagine blogging about neo-liberalism's impact on post-structuralist cultural relativism, but it's an entirely different thing to actually do it. Does this mean I have to read books? Again? I mean, the sole reason I went to graduate school was to avoid reading books - and I've certainly held my own at other graduate functions with people who were "smarter than me". But lawyers read this blog. And books. And lawyers scare me.

My other concern, of course, is that by including an opinionated, pretentious, and bald contributor, Belle is, effectively, alienating her core audience.

And let's face it - how can I compete with Paul Gowder? If he's even half as pretty as Byron - I'm in serious trouble. And if Jennifer finishes her dissertation and starts contributing here as well, then I will not just be the least educated of the four contributors at Law & Letters, but also the ugliest. Not good...

Seriously, Belle - if I am going to hang around here, then at least recruit from the field of computer science. You know, someone who blogs on their Dorito-stained keyboard between sipping a Big-Gulp of Dr. Pepper and 12 hour World of Warcraft sessions - and who smells like a gym sock.

Still, I can't help but think I might have something to add to a conversation about orthodontic existentialism and its relation to gastrointestinal subjectivity. Even if I have nothing significant to contribute, I promise to use words consisting of no less than four syllables, ending in -al, -ic, or -ism. And occasionally -ious... but only occasionally.

If, by now, Belle has not concluded that she has made a HUGE mistake, well... then let the proverbial (see... four syllables ending in -al) chips fall where they may. At least I promise to give it the old post-doctoral try.