Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do you hate pop music? Does this mean you hate America, too?

Lite blogging continues. The sudden deluge means that I'll be offline and trying to finish a book/bookreview and researching for one of my many damned papers.

Six months ago, there was an awesome day, that led to more awesomeness, which continues to be awesome. I am pretty happy about it. At the risk of offending Paul Gowder and Bryan D. Brown with my pedestrian tastes in pop music and pretty females with pretty vocals (and Matt Lister with my use of "awesome), here is my "I am too old and over-educated to be doing the equivalent of a KIIS-FM request" choice for a song in celebration. But hey, Orin Kerr frequently posts his favorite jazz performances, and Eric Muller posted Squeeze songs when he went to see them perform in Atlanta. Plus, TD doesn't read this blog. I am trying to not take that personally. But I passive aggressively then sneak in bits of the personal on this blog and refer to our many intellectual disagreements and violate the no-PDA rule. One may be related to the other.

H/T to Amber for sending me this video a few months ago, because it made her think of me. This is why she's the original TL.