Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Stuff Because I Am A Personal Blogger/Raging Narcissist.

1. Reading review essays on subjects in which you have no interest merely to get the idea of format and structure is really boring. Sigh. Well, how else are you supposed to learn. When I am done, and if this is accepted to publication, I am writing a template formula for review essays and posting it on Scatterplot.

2. I spent three years in Los Angeles learning how to wear stilettos because that's what everyone wore, even with 20 lbs of school stuff strapped to their backs. I spent only the last year and a half in a crunchy granola liberal college city, where I can wear hiking shoes all day with my performance outerwear jacket and totally belong. I can't wear heels anymore, too great is the pain. As in, more than two blocks, and I want to die. This makes the secret fashionista in me want to cry a little, even though the feminist in me should be rebelling against the Beauty Industrial Complex to begin with. So now I feel unfashionable and guilty. Great. Well, at least TD seems to prefer me in hiking shoes and not "stupid shoes."

3. Learning how to knit is exciting, even though I worry that this will turn into a knitting blog and that I might become one of those hipsters on the subway. This is a greater worry for me than TL, because again, I live in a crunchy granola liberal college city. People here wear tea cozies for hats, and use variegated yarn to dubious effect. I do not want to turn into That Artsy Indie Girl.

4. Playing with puppies is good for me, even though I don't like to be licked on the face. I didn't grow up with dogs, and I was terrified of them as a little girl (they used to chase me, I feared biting). But thanks to Jackson, Pete, and Sophie, I have become totally rehabilitated. I am thinking of getting a dog when my living space and life can accommodate one. I must have a docile type, but lap-sized. I am thinking Boston Terrier, Bichon, or Dachsund.

5. I want to invite Paul Gowder and Daniel Goldberg to a dinner party one day, should we end up in the same city, but I want them to promise not to talk about vaccinations or moral imagination. I want them to eat homemade chocolate pudding and talk about how awesome my blog is.