Friday, March 21, 2008

Law and Social Science Damns Me to Heck

As Huck Finn says, "well then, I'll be damned!"

I occasionally worry that I'm veering too far off the doctrinal path into the murky shadows of social science. This is scary because I am not properly trained in social science. And yet, I persist. Why? You have to do what you want, and I am just not good enough at gaming the meat market in order to want to do that.

I always try to link my work back to the doctrinal analysis of law--otherwise, what's the point of writing a law review article, and otherwise, what is the point of my article if I am not arguing about law. However, for once, I am going to not talk about the law so much.

Yes, I am up right now reading review essays in Law and Social Inquiry. Very interesting stuff, trying to situate a literature in a broader theoretical framework that identifies debates, gaps, and inconsistencies and questions. Very hard coming up with your own review.

I am slightly nervous, over-caffeinated, and quite tired.