Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog Break For Belle

I really, really want to post on this really interesting discussion I have been having off-blog about Bourgie on Bourgie Hatred that is coincidentally also currently being played out on literary studies blogs. But while it is no trouble to copy and paste the email portion of the discussion, it's trouble editing and formatting. I am moving on Friday, and have to do last minute packing and cleaning up tomorrow. There's a lot of my own commentary that I would send via private email but not post on a public blog, so I have to figure out what I would judiciously say in public about such issues.

It is likely to be a long series of posts anyway, touching on issues of education (and its purpose), class (and its distinctions), passing (and its probability), social mobility (and its potential), and who can speak on behalf of which group (my answer: hardly anyone). I am having an thought-provoking but non-contentious discussion off blog, but on the blogs, boy is this an emotional and button-pushing issue. An alternate title is "Man I Am Glad I Don't Teach Literature." I say this to you as an anti-discrimination law scholar, a subject where it is not uncommon to discuss very concretely and even personally issues of racial, gender and class discrimination, and how to correct that in ways that actually work, whether it's by empowering individuals through education and legal tools or changing laws to affect the society at large. Hell,I say this to you as a rejected product of Critical Race Theory, where it was all about personal narrative.

I might pop back on for a spell tomorrow if only to introduce a new guest blogger, but if I am to be good and productive I will stay away. Hopefully I'll be back by the end of the weekend. If not, perhaps my good co-bloggers will actually blog something to take off the pressure. Hint hint.