Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Worth Every Penny To Be Warm

Of course I am shopping for others. Fret not, loved ones. You will get stuff. Just not sure when. Because I am not wedded to 12/25, I think January is a perfectly defensible time to get stuff, especially if I hand-make something, and the only time I have to do that is over winter break when there is nothing to do at my parent's house anyway.

But for certain people I do not see because they live too far away, or for the spoiled children, I shop online. And then I shop for myself. Why? My house is cold, and we have no heater, and the the windows are not yet weatherproofed because I am fighting with my landlord and busy with papers and going out of town this weekend to someplace even colder.

Witness, these awesomely warmifying things that you or your loved one might enjoy. I just got these for this sudden cold snap. My house is actually as cold as the outdoor temperature, and so I wear these all the time, because a jacket with a temperature rating of 15 F makes me 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature of my house. Imagine, some people are cold when their house is 60 F. Wusses.

If you are likewise struggling with freezing weather, try:

Down slipper boots! No, they are not teh sexy, but they are teh warm. I should have ordered two day shipping, but until then I can wear:

Waterproof, Sherpa-lined Suede Chukka Boots! Very cheap, too. Totally not teh sexy, and more like teh mukluk, but my toes are not frostbitten inside my own house. I got these for frolicking in the snow, and so far am frolicking on the cold kitchen tiles. Same diff. I wear a ton of outdoors stuff indoors, like:

Windproof Lightweight Fleece. This one I got a while ago at a sale, and it has changed my life. I wear this outdoors, and sometimes to bed, over a tshirt, under two down blankets. I imagine this will also be good for this weekend in winter's playground, especially under an:

Extreme Squall Jacket. I apparently got the last size small jacket on the online outlet for a scant $40, but let me tell you, it is worth the full price. It is good for snow, and good for crappily insulated houses.

Yes I wear a lot of clothing indoors, and yes, it is ridiculous.