Thursday, December 13, 2007

Status Update

The flood of blogging means that I have not left the computer for days; have not seen anyone other than my roomate, and only because I have to use the bathroom or kitchen on occasion; and my only contact to the real world is virtual. I have eaten a lot of pasta and pizza and pudding cups. I am kind of sick of things that start with "P." I blog a lot, because I feel like someone should read my writing, since it's all so crappy it never sees the light of day.

I email a lot too, because it doesn't require real-time presence like the phone or Gmail Chat, which I basically disable during writing hell. I email all sorts of stupid status updates, like the non-deep thought referenced below in "That and It" to those who may be concerned. And I broke down today, unable to take more abuse to my corneas, and called someone to talk to a real human voice that was pleasant to hear, and went for a walk. It is possible that I lost weight just because my muscles atrophied over the last couple of weeks, and that my voice has grown faint from disuse. Just kidding. I mean, it is possible that I'm less fit than I was a few weeks ago, but I am so loquacious and unable to modulate the volume of my voice when excited that I never have to worry about growing mute; if anything people have to remind me that I'm shouting on accident.

Yes, I am writing and almost finishing my crappy papers with very bad non-testable hypotheses. Bless you, APA, for creating a citation system that is so much easier to do than the Bluebook.

I'll be in the zone for 48 more hours and then out of town this weekend, starting on Friday afternoon (road trip!). Just FYI, in case the flood of blogging suddenly abates, and you wonder if I have abandoned my blog to Byron and Simpson.