Wednesday, December 19, 2007

May I Remind You of the L&L Comment Policy

Trolls are NOT welcome. Any remarks that contain profane insults, particularly ones that suggest that I get into certain positions and use certain orifices to do certain acts, will be promptly deleted.

And I will ban your individual IP address, and your range of IP addresses. If this becomes a persistent problem, I will re-enable comment moderation.

If you have a disagreement with me, word it in a polite manner and I will respond and engage you on this issue. If you simply do not like me, stop reading me. If you take issue with my friends and those I support, take it up with them, or better yet, get a life. Those who make it their life's work to constantly harass their enemies and seek new enemies by pursuing the friends of their enemies have their work cut out for them. No rest for the pathetic.