Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Law and Letters Empire

You might notice a new author under the main banner just above this post. This is slightly premature, because as a 1L, 1L+ is not currently able to blog, because he is enduring the hell of finals (see below for exam taking tips).

But when he emerges papillonaceous from his cocoon of a cubicle, having bested Civil Procedure, Contracts, and Property, he will blog like no one has blogged before. 1L+, a J.D./Ph.D student at a Top Ten law school, will blog on all manner of things: the weirdness of being a 1L and a Ph.D. student; the relative merits of a J.D. program vs. a Ph.D program; being a legal academia aspirant; medical malpractice, tort reform, and juvenile justice. No really, it is Law and Letters that blogs on "law, the universe, and everything."

I'll still be your main source of esoterica and silliness; Paul Gowder will still be continuing on for the foreseeable future, and in the coming months I also hope to host Daniel Goldberg of MedHumanties Blog (I predict rich discussions between Daniel and 1L+) and Law and Everything Dude. They will be very cool additions to the team. Between my dabblings in employment discrimination law and organizational studies; Paul Gowder's deep knowledge of philosophy and political science; 1L+'s varied interests in medical malpractice, juvenile justice and tort reform; Daniel Goldberg's expertise in IRB and medical humanities; and Law and Everything Dude's interests in middle east law, communications law, military law and international and comparative law, well, we got a lot of bases covered.

This will take us well into Spring and Summer, and by then, my empire will spread like the sun over a field of flowers.