Friday, December 14, 2007

The Die Is Cast

We interrupt this blog and presumed weekend-away to inform you that as of today, Belle Lettre has submitted an application for admission to an unidentified Ph.D program at Liberal College.

Our far flung correspondent informs us that she is not entirely sure this program is right for her, or simply less bad than her much hated program. Apparently, factors for consideration are: coursework requirements, qualifying exams, a doubled-length dissertation, and how many more years this adds to her academic plans. In the face of such unknowns, the far flung correspondent admires the steely-eyed temerity with which Ms. Lettre has tossed her application to the wind, or at least on the desk of the Ph.D program manager. That look of devil-may-care is indeed fetching, not in the least because Ms. Lettre probably really does care, as being rejected would really suck considering her advisor is cross-affiliated with this department.

We now return you to your normal blog. Further announcements will be made as (good) news warrants and discussion may then ensue at that point; until then, good night and good luck.

And with that, I'm packing my bags and hitting the road in a couple of hours. See you on Sunday. This time, I'm really leaving.