Friday, November 30, 2007

Not Very Revelatory Realizations

1. Having pizza brought to you at 10:30 pm after a long day of working and not eating is very nice, and even better if the person bringing it to you is very nice.

2. It is nice even if you had pizza for lunch, and pizza for dinner the day before, but of course they couldn't have known that.

3. It takes about three days to get sick of pizza.

4. But it takes only one day of rest before you can eat pizza again.

5. But it took two years before I could eat pizza at all after all of the "free pizza" at law school student org meetings and public lectures. I stopped eating pizza entirely from 2005 to 2007, really. "Pizza will be served" was on every frickin' flyer during law school, and I got enough of it it between 2002-2005 (I stopped eating it, actually, around late 2004, my 3L year) and only half the time was it decent pizza from the fake NY style pizza place. Here there seems to be no fake NY style pizza (alas), but there is "gourmet" pizza if you stay away from the chains. So now that I actively avoid the law school, I never eat pizza unless I actively seek it out, and I only eat "good" pizza. Thus, pizza is back on the list of acceptable foods.

6. Flannel sheets are very warm, especially when combined with a down quilt (curiously, Ikea no longer makes them) and a coverlet from Target ($19.99). And they were on sale for $12.99 at Target.

7. Fire alarms are very annoying, especially when you've only just settled down at the law library. This, again, affirms my decision to avoid going to the law school. I do not need to lose my hearing, as I am already losing my patience.

8. It is even more annoying that once settled in the Music School's Library, I am interrupted by some undergrad wanting to do a survey. Of what? Normally I would assent to helping budding social scientists, but not unless they ask by first identifying the nature of the survey (do you want to take a survey does not work for me; because if I say yes and you ask me stupid questions like "do you think Paris Hilton is a bad role model for girls" I will get very upset), and only if they ask in public places where you are not interrupting people's work and can actually talk out loud. Go to the student center or student quad! So much of a survey/interview is in the framing and execution!

9. After a couple of years of being a sporadic social coffee drinker (I am a big black tea with sugar and milk drinker though, a cup or two a day), I am utterly amazed how much just one cup of coffee in the morning affects my mental alertness for the whole day. It is as if I have gone up five points in IQ. I am not sluggish, have no headache, and I think clearly and quickly. Of course, to preserve this effect without requiring more each time, this means going off coffee the rest of the year. But for the next two weeks, I am a genius (and I suppose that means for the other 50 weeks I am an idiot). Ah well, it's better for my health anyway to drink less coffee and more tea, and I am naturally so hyper and high-strung that everyone in my immediate orbit should be grateful that I limit the mg of caffeine I have daily.

10. For some reason, a list doesn't look right when it ends at #9, and so you have to make up some fake realization for #10.