Sunday, October 21, 2007

They Brought The Awesome

Blogging Across America just keeps getting better. I used to consider blog meetups successful if the following criteria were met:

1) I didn't make a mistake and agree to meet a sociopath;
2) I wasn't so terribly socially awkward that I forgot how to talk;
3) I didnt knock something over on myself or my company;
4) I didn't accidentally order/eat something I was allergic to, causing me to very gauchely pick apart my sandwich to avoid the mustard or choke;
5) The person didn't hate me.

HLP and TC have set the bar higher--the most successful blog meet ups result in real friendships and future visits back and forth. Blogging brings connections, places to stay, books to read, people to hang out with.

I am pleased to report that yet another wonderful visit with TC transpired this weekend, with two new great additions: The Philosophical Werewolf and The Roving Commenter. It is always awesome to find people with whom to talk about blogging, philosophy, academic gossip, books and randomness. Even better to get someone who will go with you on a road trip to a Shakespeare Festival, and someone to see "Lust, Caution" with. My idiosyncrasies are such that I am always in need of a roadtrip buddy for my nerdy destinations, and movie dates for my non-mainstream picks. I am no longer satisfied with not being hated; it is indeed better to be actively liked.

It is better to be feared than loved, but in the real world (not the political realm or blogosphere) it is better to be liked than hated. Apparently, homemade chicken soup, biscuits, biscotti, and tours of bookstores go far in getting you towards that goal. You bring the food, they bring the awesome, and everyone leaves happy.