Thursday, September 27, 2007

When September Ends

This video is unbearably cheesy. But teenage love is inherenty melodramatic and given to hyperbolic, soap operatic statements of love and insecurity. "I want to stay with you forever" and "I'm never going to leave you" is something said by the very young with no conception of time or the changefulness of time.

I don't get what she sees in him, but okay, if you say so. He looks like that guy from Billy Eliot. Maybe he is. I still don't get the conceit of the dramatic reprisal, but again, young love is dramatic. One moment you promise forever, the next, you want to take back all the yesterdays. Still, gotta wonder--what did he do exactly? Something so bad he had to...join the army? Dude, Love IS a battlefield. Pat Benatar, you speak the truth.

Anyway, I thought this song would be nice for the last few days of September, even if it's a little too much like an '80s after school special.