Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not Quite Awesome

Awesome: Having one of your Blawg Idols/Mentors/Friends over for brunch tomorrow.

Not Awesome: Burning the bottoms of your cranberry walnut scones because you were distracted by a phone call from your sister.

Extremely Not Awesome, but Explanatory: Your sister is up for a major surgical procedure, so you have to take every call and during the course of the conversation forget about things like baking for your Blawg Idol.

Hopefully Awesome: Not having time to whip up more scones due to a prior engagement this evening that looks promisingly like what those young kids call "fun."

Well, I hope Legal Theory Prof will still like the spinach mushroom omelette and the non-burnt and still delicious tops of the scones (pick away the carcinogenic, charred parts LTP). And I hope he doesn't rememer this or take it into account if he interviews me in a couple of years.

This is what always happens to me during my blog meetups. I always spill something, accidently order something with mustard (which makes me either choke or pick apart my food like a grooming gorilla), or my dinner companion suggests we share a dish, which would include some shellfish that I'm allergic too but am too timid to refuse thinking "oh, it's not like I'm deathly allergic" (I just pass out in lethargy later in the day). You'd think that I could mitigate against this by entertaining at my house, which I'm almost expert at. And then, I burn the bottoms of the scones.