Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Leaving On a Jet Plane

I hate this movie and Ben Affleck, but like this song. I prefer John Denver's version above all, but I like the girl at the piano take. The only thing good about that movie was Steve Buscemi and the exploding asteroid, although the premise is as ridiculous as the idea that Ben Affleck can act.

I'm leaving, on a jet plane, for a conference. I can't say where, no. I can't say what, either. But, it will explain the paucity of postings.

Okay, I'm leaving--PowerPoint in hand, wearing the Glasses of Gravitas and Heels of Chutzpah (remember, aspirate the C), and am ready to rock!

I better, one of my former law professors is also presenting. It's like we're colleagues! Or not. I still do air quotes with my fingers when I refer to him/call him by his first name.