Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'Cause Innovating Is Hard To Do

I'm still polishing my PowerPoint presentation, but need to take breaks from it to do other stuff--like, you know, go to classes and do homework kind of stuff. I am actually eating and sleeping this time around though. This is good. I am getting better at being a working academic.

I have to write an "innovation paper" for my Micro Organizations class at the Business School. It's a Ph.D class, not an MBA class, but still--it's a bit different than the grad school/law school courses I'm used to.

Also, I'm a bit flummoxed about how to go about this. I can come up with ideas for law review articles, and I used to be very good about coming up with theses for literature courses. I can even come up with political science papers. But hmm, how to do this:

"Innovation Papers: These are brief discussions of novel hypotheses (something not already known or immediately obvious to research in Organizational Behavior). You will state a hypothesis and present a short justificaiton about why it is likely to be true and interesting."

Perhaps this is the type of question all scholars should ask of themselves in their own disciplines. The problem is, Orgs is not my discipline, so I'm not as familiar with the terrain and what is "novel and non-obvious."

Hmm, well, let's try. Likely what I'll do is bring some legal perspective and new institutionalism to the table, but in hopefully a new way.

I'll post the assignment when I'm done.