Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No Really, Just Say No To Emo

It's my own fault. I violated my own blogger code of conduct about getting too personal on this blog or blogging about people in my life in anything but a positive manner. Okay, actually this is a personal blog, but I am not supposed to write about my personal life. Mundanity and silly opinions are okay. Snarkiness, as good at it feels at the moment, is probably not the way to go considering how much more widely read this blog is than I previously thought.

I was alerted to this possibility by the fact that French Dandy Dude, whom I blog about passive aggressively when he makes me mad (and being my best friend, that is often), really does read my blog! He even comments! That was news, since I hardly ever see his city, let alone country on my Sitemeter. And then Jurisprudential Boy Of Wonder (when he advances to candidacy he will be Jurisprudential Man Of Mystery), tells me he reads my blog every day. Yet I never see his city location pop up in my Sitemeter stats. I can check every day, and often do, since it's not a big ordeal to click through 100-200 visitors. Sci Guy apparently reads me too. Just how many unknown IPs do I have?! Damn those ISPs that scramble or show locations from where their servers, but not users are located! So, after nervously scanning my Sitemeter for a particular city in a particular state, I realize: what was I thinking in the first place?!

I am occasionally passive aggressive. I am actually pretty direct and confrontational, but occasionally, when confronted by brute silence--well, what else is there to do? French Dandy Dude was ignoring me, yet demanding of me, last week finally admitting a HUGE revelation. So I let his plant, the "symbol of our friendship" die through neglect (relax people, it's a plant, not a pet or baby--I don't boil bunnies or starve children). And then I blogged about him. I have done this before, to the indignant support of many a faithful reader. Friend(ly) Prof remains enigmatically silent, probably still working away in State I Will Never Move To. So I blogged about him too. Again, I have done this before, to great effect but probably against better judgment. Now I realize, I have to stop blogging about people who irritate me through their silence or disregard, lest they read my blog. Which, apparently they do. Eeeks!

But even I admit that the posts for the last week have been very strange. My blog friends, they are bemused. It was a rough week last week!

(huge chunk of post redacted in belated surge of discretion)

Well, two weird Wednesdays. I didn't seriously intend for Wednesday Weirdness to be a theme, but there it is. Probably too much information, and this probably weirds out my new readers. Again, the great thing about a blog is that if you don't like it, don't read it, and if you don't like it, you probably wouldn't like me anyway. So either you do or don't, and we can leave it at that.

I tend to think every first person blogger who writes about anything remotely personal (non work-related), be it mundanity, the quotidean, the opinionated, or heaven forbid--truly personal comes across as neurotic and too weird for this world. So much of our urbane, professional veneer is trying to look as controlled and conformist as possible. It certainly is in my profession. But that's why I'm pseudonymous. I don't have much to lose, and those who konw me--well, if they don't like me by now, they never will. I don't think weirdness is a bad thing. Eccentricity is also exciting. It's unexpected, at least.