Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Wish

That just once this new school year, that someone would make me a kick-ass mix tape. One so personalized, clever and crushworthy, that as soon as I put it in my stereo I would stop whatever it was I was doing and just sit and listen in the middle of my living room. Cross-legged on the floor, I would be transported by art, as the Ancients would say---right back to 1997, the last time I got such a mix tape. There have been other mix tapes--but the one from 1997 is the standard. Granted, it had crappy 90s rock mixed with...Sarah McLachlan. But it was really good. Wildly romantic and yet rockin'. And I like crappy 90s rock. Just not crappy '00s rock.

And the mix tape's purpose should not be party-mix platonic. Although I do welcome mix tapes from friends like The Siren Screenwriter. Or TC.

I just want Teh Mix Tape to be like the one from 1998, when I was young and in love for the first time, and Semisonic and the Goo Goo Dolls were awesome (and the Lilith Fair was on tour).

I have blogged about my love for mix tapes on more than one occasion. It's a recurring theme on this blog. I keep wondering if I really should have been one of the extras on High Fidelity, some girl whose heart was broken by Rob Gordon before he met Laura (recipient of Teh Mix Tape). So in real life, I want to be some Rob's Laura.