Thursday, August 09, 2007

For Ten Days I'll Be An Adorable Little Rodent

In The Truth Laid Bear ecosystem, I am (or rather, this blog is) a Lowly Insect. It's okay--I love my readers, few though there be. 100-200 hits a day isn't bad for a niche personal blawg, although the summer months have meant a dive back down to 80-100. What's up with that, people? Don't you have work that you need to be distracted from by reading my blog?

But for ten days, while I guest blog at Is That Legal, I get to dress up as an Adorable Little Rodent!

While Eric Muller is on vacation, I get to run amok on his blog. Seriously, he appears to welcome the weirdness.

I'll be cross-posting here at Law and Letters, so you will still catch those psots on your RSS feeds--but you definitely should add Is That Legal to your Bloglines or Google Reader anyway. And while Eric wants weirdness, I'm still going to keep the more personal posts or truly Belle-like idiosyncrasies (the Saturday Poet Series, for example) at Law and Letters.

Read me here, read me there, read me everywhere.