Thursday, August 23, 2007


If you law profs still quite can't comprehend that breed of student called Teh Hipster (even with your useful mnemonic fo Twee Emo Hipster), here's a video example!

I originally was going to post this as a "song that makes me happy"--after this horror of a week and a long day, I'm baking brownies and listening to a mix of happy-making music: Wilco, Flaming Lips, Weezer, Rogue Wave. "Eyes," by Rogue Wave is quite pleasing and catchy.

But this homemade video set to the song--ooof, film students in Cardiff, Wales. I like the Welsh language and have a huge crush on Ioan Gruffudd (why oh why did you go mainstream?). But Welsh film students are annoying!

There's the American hipster (which is a bit gritty and owes much to Allen Ginsberg's "I saw the best minds of my generation...angelheaded hipsters"). And then there's the Euro Hipster.

Euro Hipsters are definitely twee. And this Dude/tte is quite androgynous. It kind of ruins my Anglophilia. And the paper cutout thought bubble lyrics, and the Dude/tte's inability to lipsync to the music...ooof.

Still, this song makes me happy. And I'm happy to give you a visual example of the pale and toneless flesh that seems required for hipsterdom.