Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Wayback Machine

Nothing is as comforting as an '80s movie. No matter how bad things are or how much like high school (or junior high) law school is, it can't be as bad as an '80s high school movie. Tonight, my summer associate friends (old enough, like me, to remember watching '80s movies the first time 'round), the few American JD friends I have in the area, invited me for an 80's movie night. Heathers was the feature, and my darling hostess really went as far as to supply pate and sparkling blueberry juice for the appropriately blue drink (awesome when mixed with wine for a spritzer). The only thing missing was the red scrunchie.

Can any "man, high school SUCKED" movie compare to Heathers?

Jawbreaker tried to, but miserably failed. Mainly because it sucked more than high school did.

Several seasons of Buffy come close, but the whole high school being built on top of hell is a little obvious.

I vote Heathers. My birthday is on Halloween, so I am seriously thinking of playing that card to rope in some other girl friends into dressing up in electric blue tights and matching shoes, with pleated skirts and boxy blazers. I get to wear the red scrunchie.


Academic post to follow when the blueberry spritzer haze lifts.