Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Internal Wince

Would be the alternate title to this mix-tape I made for myself. The original is "just say no to emo." Actually, both are catchy--I can't help but be tickled when I come up with these things.

As you know, I'm currently down on France, so I ix-nayed "Le Sigh."

I'm not as dramatic as the French, but I do have a penchant for purple prose. Yes, I jingoistically pronounce that "pen-chent," not "pen-shahnt."

Anyway, the playlist, which you may read thematically, chronologically, and (ugh) emo-tively:

1. California Stars -- Wilco
2. Buddy Holly -- Weezer
3. Maybe Baby -- Buddy Holly
4. Outtasite (Outta Mind) -- Wilco
5. It Doesn't Matter Any More -- Buddy Holly
6. Lonely Day -- Phantom Planet
7. Come Around -- Rhett Miller
8. Say It Ain't So -- Weezer
9. Gone for Good -- The Shins
10. Whistle For the Choir -- The Fratellis
11. My Friend and The Ink -- Shout Out Louds
12. This Modern Love -- Bloc Party
13. Shadowboxer -- Fiona Apple
14. Be Be Your Love -- Rachael Yamagata
15. Sleep To Dream -- Fiona Apple
16. Guess I'm Doing Fine -- Beck
17. (Was I) In Your Dreams -- Wilco
18. Lost Cause -- Beck
19. (Way Obvious Song Title) -- Wilco

There are tons of songs I could have put on here--but I go through phases. Right now I'm into angsty girl piano pop and really, really into Wilco. Best band ever! I'm also limited to what I have on my computer, and what's on my external hard drive. I'd put in a bit more Old 97's if I wasn't so lazy, although the Rhett Miller is my nod to that great love. I've recently rediscovered my love for Weezer, which brings back good college memories. I refuse to listen to Dave Matthews any more, since that's just too frat-boyish jam bandy. But there could be tons of songs on this CD. I try to stick with one genre though--the addition of angsty girl pop is a major departure for me. I don't like mixing my jazz, hip hop, R&B, and rock on one CD. Too odd. I know they're called "mix-tapes," but do I look like Sir Mix-a-Lot? I am Miss Mix-a-Bit.

The most melancholy songs are from Beck--but he's out there enough that anything from the Sea Changes album is cool. His voice is just built for langorous statements of woe. Notice, the lack of Bright Eyes or Decemberists, which are good to listen to in that particular mood. But because I am saying no to emo in order to perk up my ears with some good riffs, I'm trying to abstain from anything too quiet on the ears. Or just too sad, really. No Bonnie Prince Billy or Elliot Smith or Tori Amos on this CD. I want to ruminate rockingly, not kill myself. However, this CD could have used some Belle and Sebastien or Jesus and Mary Chain. If I had them.

What I really want is XTC's "Obvious But Obscure Song That Sounds Accusatory."

If you're a friend of the Real Life Alter Ego and want a copy, email me.