Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to TC!

I totally dig the band-collared shirts, the scarves, the gloves and sunglasses. I am sure TC will too.

It has been said more than once that I may be too romantic for this world; that I fall in love too easily; and I admit myself that I have an infatuated personality with respect to--well, everything. I tend to make friends quickly, to varying degrees of success. Intense beginnings can mean terrible ends. But you know what? I don't really care to change. That's how I am, and I don't know how to be different.

TC and I are quite new friends. But I am a huge fan already. I love the initial stages of friendship (and love) when you're still learning about each other--everything is so exciting! Novelty is intoxicating. Platonic love is not as prone to the pitfalls of pedestals, so I didn't worry when TC asked me what would happen when she inevitably would disappoint. There won't be a fall, I do not think. But sooner or later, we will settle into some comfy rut, but I look forward to that. It means an invitation for more creativity, and there's something to be said for steady friendship and love. I'm done with drama.

For now, I will delight in exchanging recipes, advice, stories, and too many emails to count. Actually, there is much to look forward to--inevitably there will be the mix tapes and books and crafts. It only gets better from here, TC.