Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In Which Belle and Her Real Life Alter Ego Ponder Their Respective Googability

I blog pseudonymously to protect my googability. The googability of the Real Life Alter Ego is very minimal. I am on the verge of making my name in the world...but am not quite there yet. There are works in the pipeline, a reputation being slowly and selectively built. Still, it is interesting to have a smackdown between the two personas:

When you google "Belle Lettre":

Page # of first appearance: 1

Link #: 1!

Pages: many, I sayeth with pride.

Displacement ratio of the less common singular form of the very real French literary term "belles lettres": embarassingly high, but I can't say I'm not pleased about it.

Might be confused with: This defunct blogger. Whose writing I don't really get.

When you google the "Real Life Alter Ego":

Page # of first appearance: 2.

Link #: 4

Relevance: as a blog commentator, or as a blog hat-tipper for the next few pages.

I do occasionally write under the Real name, but not often, and only concerning academic topics for which I have the competence to discuss.

Next most important link: page 7, as a colloquium participant representing Liberal College Law. This, you'd think, would be first. But not according to Google page rank.

Last known position of prominence: on the masthead of law school journal, which still shows up on page 8.

Previous position of prominence: College PBK election list. Presenter at undergraduate research symposiums.

Displacement ratio of other people named Real Life Alter Ego: embarassingly low.

There are tons of accomplished scientists, real estate agents, urologists, and with the same name. A name I used to think was uncommon. Alas.

Might be confused with: a college student who looks very happy.

I think Belle Lettre wins the smackdown for googability. But that was the intention, I suppose.