Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bad Bad Belle

I should be doing any of the following:

1. Packing.

2. Editing/Bluebooking.

3. Reading through huge list of articles for the research seminar at Cloudy Cul-de-Sac Law so that I can be a good little prepared, constructive-feedback-giving-participant (unlike the way most law students are in the generic law school "____ and the Law" seminar).

4. Writing the next crap article (but this is only because current articles are truly craptastic).

5. Sleeping (but I'm nocturnal by nature).

Instead, I'm reading:

The archives of this blogger and his coterie. We're hanging out this summer, and it's fun to stalk your friends. Now I know what books we can talk about over the best morning buns in the country. We may not agree on everything, but we find each other agreeable, and I'm looking forward to turning in a book report on Ada, or Ardor and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. As soon as I finish this article on the FMLA. For his part, he must report to me his thoughts on The Archivist, and I am assigning him (for purely fun reading) The Shadow of the Wind.

And the archives of this blogger. I want to meet her the next time I Blog Across America. Even if we disagree about the size and scope of the government (federal or state apparently), we can agree about the fabulousness of polka dots, the irritating way Renee Zellweger acts with her pursed mouth, and the beauty of this Robert Creeley poem (who will be next Saturday's poet).