Thursday, August 24, 2006

Book Meme, Part II

When I first wrote a "The Book(s) That Changed Your Life" post after being tagged for a blog meme, I thought "good thing I have a purely personal blog so that I can just indulge my every blogging whim." And I thought to myself as I "tagged" 5 others, "good thing I know non-law prof bloggers, because law profs would never waste their time with such bloggenpfeffer since they're too busy blogging about, I dunno, the hermeneutics of legal scholarship."

However, this random book meme thing has caught on with at least four law professors, who all happen to be profs I would have tagged myself. I am most delighted to learn of the books that changed the lives of my good friends and mentors Ann Bartow and Jim Chen, as well as my Kindly Avuncular Law Prof Jeff Lipshaw. I don't know Frank Pasquale, but I feel that I know him better after reading his list of transformative books. That's the great thing about this particular meme--how much it reveals about the respondent. So click on the law professor's names to learn more about the books that changed their law professor lives!

Incidentally, I just realized that at 1:30 am I misread one of the questions as saying "A book you wish you had written" rather than what it actually was, "A book you wish had been written." It's okay, Frank Pasquale made the same mistake. I answered to the former, All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren. To the latter, I would answer "How to Survive a Love-Hate Relationship With Deconstructionism and Other Critical Theories." If you know of such a book, please let me know!

In my previous post, I tagged five people, only two of whom responded (although Scott Erick Kaufman responded to my "indirect" tag). Since I'm still waiting on three others, and because I don't believe that you must ask only five people what their favorite books are, and because apparently law professor bloggers aren't above literary navel-gazing, I wish to also tag:

Dave Hoffman of Concurring Opinions


Larry Solum of Legal Theory Blog

I have been reading the law review articles and blog posts of these two gentlemen for quite some time now. I have even read about what Dave Hoffman plays the most on his Ipod. I think we would all benefit from knowing more about their intellectual development (that way, you can copy them and at least pretend to be smart).