Monday, June 26, 2006


Days before the big move: 12

Miles To Be Driven: Excessive

Duration of Trip, in Hours/Days: Can't Count That High/Don't Remind Me

Gallons of Gasoline To Be Consumed: Don't Want to Think About It

Brothers To Be Endured in Good Humor, Out of Gratitude for Help: 2

Number of LARGE Boxes: 7

Number of Which are Clothes: 1

Number of Which are Books: 2

Square Footage of Unfurnished Graduate "Efficiency" Studio: 260

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Burners: 2

Number of Ovens, apart from Easy Bake Toaster Oven: 0

Cubic Feet of Provided "Mini-Refrigerator": 3

Amount in Rent: Don't Ask. Really.

Budget, in U.S. Dollars, to Furnish and Decorate: 500

Annual Tuition: More Than Many People's Salaries

Amount In Checking Account: Less Than a Summer Associate's Weekly Pay

Financial Aid: Yes, Please

Number of Students in LLM Progam: 50-60

Number of Which Are American: 2-5

Hours of Sleep Per Night, From Least-Greatest: 2.5-5

Number of Naps Per Day: 0

Number of Parents Freaking Out: 2

Number of Siblings Making Bossy "Suggestions": 5 + 3 in-laws

Number of Babies Clinging Out of Telepathic Awareness of Impending Departure: 6

Number of Teenagers Faintly Despondent/Resentful Over Departure: 2

Number of Diapers Changed Yesterday: Don't Remind Me

Number of Baths Given: 5

Number of Advil Taken to Relieve Lower Back Pain: 2

Number of Current Writing Projects: 2

Number of Pages Written This Week: 0

Substantive "Blawg" Posts Attempted and Then Abandoned in the Last Week Due to Preparations For All of the Above: 2

Apologies: Too Many To Count.