Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Bloggenpfeffer

I am currently in the throes of proposal writing and faculty advisor finding (more like begging), but I wanted to take a minute to wish The Debate Link, run by the 20 year old aspiring law prof punk David Schraub, a Happy (2nd) Birthday! I think he writes with great intelligence and insight, but he's still a young punk (who will probably make professor before I do).

Random thought of the blog: It sometimes freaks this pseudonymous blogger out to check her Sitemeter stats and see that a few visitors come from the domain of her former law school. Considering my readership is now mostly law peeps, could this mean that some of my former professors are reading my largely unedited, sometimes personal, often political writing? When strangers read you, it's strangely comforting to share and not fear the consequence of awkward moments in the hallway. When your former professors, whom you'd like to impress with your edited writing read your stuff, the chance of that awkwardness is more likely. Kind of freaky.

It's 2:20 am Pacific right now. A post on the occasional illiberalism of liberalism to follow later today after I've woken up and decided which law professor to beg to advise me for a year. Also, the joy of condensing a 5 page research proposal into one page--strangely, it's harder to condense something than it is to write a lot of effluvia. And I was voted "Most Likely To Be Verbose" in high school. Also on the docket tomorrow: more employment discrimination research. The benefit of being a young scholar, so early in her career, is that I'm not yet pigeonholed into a concentration--heck, I'm trying to find my niche other than this broad category called "anti-discrimination law." I know I like federalism issues. I know I want to write about how federalism jurisprudence impacts hate crime statutes (including gender motivated violence) and other civil rights laws. But I definitely want to write about employment discrimination. And I really want to be a Feminist Law Professor one day.

But before I do that, I want to develop my not-for-profit-just-for-fun iron-on t-shirt company named "Iron Maiden Productions." Meaning, I want to make a few more t-shirts for myself and my friends.

Iron-On T-shirts I've already made for myself:

A pen sketch of a guy with glasses with the slogan "Nerd Love"

A pen sketch of Audrey Hepburn from "Funny Face" with the slogan "Empathicalist At Heart"

A drawing of one stick figure throwing a heart at another stick figure, and in the next panel the heart bouncing off and falling broken on the floor, with the slogan "Tough Love."

An artistic picture of McKinley being assasinated I got from an online newspaper review of Sarah Vowell's historical travelogue "Assassination Vacation," that I am claiming is fair use for personal rather than commercial reasons, even though it's probably not.

Shirts I'm planning on making:

A picture of a sandwich with a bite taken out of it with the slogan "I'm A Graduate Student And I Eat Sandwiches."

A picture of a highlighter and a red pen with the slogan "My Fate Is To Annotate."

A collage of high-falutin words (anthropomorphism? deconstructivist? deontological?) with the center words, in largest font and in bold, "Voted Most Likely To Be Verbose." Or else a picture of a girl who looks like a Mary Tyler Moore 1950s girl with a thought bubble with all those words and that slogan. What do you think? (No I'm not going to put a picture of myself. That's weird. Not as weird as admitting you're verbose, eat sandwiches, and annotate a lot, but still, weird.)

T-shirts I still like that I saw online:

A wheelbarrow with the slogan "Olde School"

A picture of Robert E. Lee with the slogan "Most Likely To Secede, 1861"