Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hop Over to the Co-Op!

Concurring Opinions is on a roll lately, with some of my favorite bloggers and guest bloggers blogging up a storm! So belatedly, I offer you a smorgasboard of samples:

Dave Hoffman on why lawyers wear purple robes during commencement (hint: not because it's flattering)

Dan Filler on the sophistication of lawyers in Supreme Court criminal litigation

Miriam Cherry posits a hypo on who owns Trover, the dog (this is what law school exams can be like)

Miriam Cherry asks whether discrimination law is "going to the dogs" after Jason Mazzone reported that pigs can really fly (if they're seeing eye pigs). It's actually about disability law, very interesting!

Dave Hoffman compares student-edited journals to peer-edited journals

Dan Filler has a moving post about saying goodbye to his 1Ls. It made me quite nostalgic, ready to write my Profs another sappy thank you letter (I am the type who wrote 3, sent expensive Levenger Christmas presents, all for the letters of rec that got me into Liberal College Town Law School). But I remembered that Profs are grading finals and so maybe I'll wait until June to update them on my life.