Wednesday, May 31, 2006

By Way of Explanation...

It doesn't seem possible to get this sick so often, but you have to remember I am around 8 children (the 9th is on the way, this is what happens when you have 5 older siblings). I watch them 4-5 days a week. I haven't been this sick so often since....I was a professional daycare worker. Which, I remember, is why I quit that job and took on a cushier, better paying grading papers job at my university (Reader: $10.50/hr. for approx. 45 hrs. per quarter. Daycare worker: $5.50/hr, at that time above minimum wage, to help watch 16 children for 8 hrs./day, 3 days/week, and change diapers, and clean the toilets (remember, the training ones that are just plastic chamberpots) 3 times a day).

So my sleeping hours are odd, prone to fitful naps rather than actual rem cycles since I have this fever/chill alternating pattern going on. Why? My tonsils, those useless evolutionary throwbacks, are inflamed. They, like the appendix that also went nutso and burst on me 12 years ago, appear to exist only to get inflamed and hurt you. It's like "we're useless organs! but here's a reminder that we're here! Nyah nyah!"

So that's my explanation for these past few days and potentially light blogging for the week.

Oh, and another explanation: one more month till I have graduate health insurance again--it takes me and my non-doctor dentist siblings longer to figure out what exactly I'm suffering from and how to treat it (go ahead, go self-diagnose yourself at WebMD!). We always guess "a cold" and end up with "strep throat" and lose a bit of time in the process. I remember when I had appendicitis (fortunately, we had state-provided health care during those darker, poorer days), we guessed "food poisoning" and the next morning, after calling the doctor, we realized "not food poisoning" and my appendix ruptured not because of our delay, but because of the surgeon's delay. Go fig.