Monday, February 27, 2006

Interim Post

That doesn't even deserve a cool picture.

What I did today, instead of blogging, thus betraying my promise to "Blog the Distance" and "Blog Like No One Has Blogged Before or Ever Will":
  1. Woke up late. As in, Morning Edition and Day to Day are already over on the radio and now I have to listen to Talk of the City. Guess I'm still tired.
  2. Got teeth cleaned by Dentist Sister. Another post-Bar purification ritual. Next up: Cleaning up/organizing desk and realphabetizing bookshelf.
  3. Found out via email that I got rejected by Liberal College Town's political science program, where there are 52 spots per 400 applications, but apparently not a spot for a cum laude in political science lawyer graduated from a highly respected law school with rockin' GRE scores and with research goals in federalism and civil rights. Go fig! Yet I got into Liberal College Town's much more difficult advanced legal studies law program, where of the 30 LLM spots, probably a handful are for aspiring American scholars (LLMS are often for foreign lawyers seeking an American credential to practice in the U.S. or teach back home). The lesson: don't take admissions decisions personally, and remember they often don't make sense. I got into a Top 5 and a Top 20 law school, but got waitlisted by a school ranked (then) 24 (now it's 25-6), and got flat out rejected by a school ranked 8th (US News figures, not that I put much stock into them). This is with a good GPA and LSAT. I also knew someone who got off the waitlist at #24 with a 141 LSAT--you get 120 for showing up pretty much. It really is a crap shoot, people. So to John B. and John B.'s wife--best of luck to you both, and I hope all the n ews you get is good news--and if you get a few disappointing letters, don't take it personally. It never makes sense! Don't stress over it!
  4. Watched "The Glenn Miller Story" on cable (very sweet film esp. if you love big band music)
  5. Made a freshwater pearl necklace for a friend--I am the craft goddess.
  6. Read "Narrowing the Nation's Power." Dug it mightily.
  7. Talked on the phone with people I haven't talked to in a month or so due to Bar hell
  8. Watched CSI: Miami (blah).
  9. Read Harper's Monthly article by the inventor of flash mobs. Enjoyed critical comments about author's own kind, i.e. hipsters. Determined that I cannot be called a hipster because 1) I am not blase enough about everything except what's au courrant (quite the opposite--I'm too enthusiastic about everything), 2) As a Trekker who also watches Masterpiece Theatre, I am definitely not au courrant, and 3) I don't look cool enough since my watch isn't digital, my sneakers are Keds, and I like pretty, sparkly jewelry.
  10. Realized that I didn't blog anything today because I was trying to work my way up to blogging something of substance. Gave up. Blogged about this instead.

Tomorrow, I promise, promise a roundup of media coverage of the Summers' resignation and what it means for academia in general. I am just so physically tired still, and I can't explain why. Maybe I should stop giving piggyback rides to 40 lb. children and carrying two babies at once to twirl them around. I think I've been out of school too long. I am used to 20+ lbs. on my back.