Tuesday, August 05, 2008

seen and heard

  • Squidward graffiti. Just a picture of Squidward. I didn't get it. Maybe Spongebob is a subversive.
  • Car blasting R. Kelly's "Ignition." Gah. I wish I had had a boombox to play back "No Scrubs."
  • Bright Young Things on the train coming from a themed party. The theme was "Preppy," which was so original considering that they were all white and blond. Very unimaginative. Also, dudes, why does preppy = pink RL polo shirt + madras plaid shorts and Tretons? And girl dudes, why does preppy = a white tennis outfit? So, so, so lame.
  • Woman with electric blue hair cut in the style of Betty Rubble in a flowered dress and Far Side glasses with her baby in a sling sold me a fried chicken sandwich, frozen lemonade, and strawberry shortcake. It was so awesome and made me so happy--the food, the visual display, her niceness, the food, everything. Unfortunately, my conversational partner did not make me happy, as he kept asking me about what is it about Asian culture that impedes Asians from advancing into management positions in the workplace. Also, "how cute" it was that I seemed happy in academia and was an academic not only by profession, but in personality, too. WTF?! Nice to meet you, too. Or not. Whev.
  • School hasn't started yet, but I swear I overheard "doxa" today.

I should do this more often. Like, I should have blogged about the time (the only time ever in my life, really) a guy approached me when I was sitting at a cafe, asking to look at my copy of The American Scholar. I said "sure," thinking that "wow, a guy approached me at a cafe, despite my extraordinary misanthropic vibes." He looked at my copy and said "thanks," and walked away. I think I said "you're welcome." It is true. PBK people are totally socially incompetent.


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