Monday, March 10, 2008

Brief Reviews

Talk Cinema is such a fun thing to do on a Sunday morning, and the best, most intelligent post-film comments come from the most unlikely people, especially in a liberal college town. I love this place. Also, it is slightly weird, but also cool, being the youngest people at a uber nerdy thing.

Be Kind Rewind is not as good as the cutest ode to film, Cinema Paradiso. But it's fun, and often funny. Worth seeing, just to celebrate the fact that most people truly delight in the visual medium of film, and that the delight is so visceral. More to come later, because there's lots of interesting legal issues.

Roman de Gare is a very good, interesting film that self-consciously references, gives tribute to, and shamelessly celebrates: Hitchcock, Highsmith, train-reads, and plot-mobiles. Fanny Ardant is freakin' awesome, as is Dominic Pinon.

But neither are as awesome as an afternoon spent with TM and TI.


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