Saturday, October 13, 2007


Too proud to beg, too proud to bleg, too materialistic not to want such basic things that I don't know why I don't just buy them:

A renewal of my New Yorker subscription.

A change of foundation for my newly sensitive skin (although it is weird being more "beige" than "tan").

The miracle of waterproof, dark purple hikers in 7W w/ free shipping!

The other miracle of waterproof, black leather riding boots also in 7W w/ free shipping! (Yes, the rainy season is here in Awesome Part of the Country.) It's like a day in heaven for the oddly-footed, and unfortunately budgeted.

For some reason I will drop $100-300 on a flights just to get out of town (mostly to see friends, the cost-benefit analysis there is so not up for argument), $50 on books I think a friend should own (the joy is in giving, even if the utility goes to someone else), $30 in cheese (le fromage!), yet no money for any of the actually useful things that will give me long-lasting pleasure and usefulness. My inner economist is a sentimental idiot.


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