Saturday, September 01, 2007

Road Trip Tips

I'll be driving from the south end of Most Awesome State to the north end next weekend. It's to help a friend move and to indulge in a girl's road trip before school really heats up. And I'm working this weekend anyway. Never travel on Labor Day. Are you crazy?

With four day weekends, it's a student luxury, although I'm actually not taking a four day weekend. I have a deadline this Friday for some work, so I'll be flying there on Saturday, and driving up all day on Sunday. We hope to get up to the north part of the state by nightfall.

Some of you know what state I think is Most Awesome. Some of you will guess anyway. Any tips for scenic pull-over rest stops? Any tips for road tripping in general? I've done this drive a few times, but never the same way, and usually always the most boring, efficient, non-scenic way. Let's say I took Scenic But Long Highway. What to do? How do you ensure a good road trip experience?

Comments, emails are most welcome.


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