Friday, September 07, 2007

Fresh for '01, Sucka

Aw, yeah!

I have total college nostalgia right now. I graduated from Suburban State University in 2002, and this song reminds me of driving on the perfectly paved roads of Uber-Planned City with my girl friends. I remember not being happy to go to SSU at first--I had been admitted to all these other more highly ranked universities and small liberal arts colleges that were much farther away from home. But family emergencies intervened (as they did when I went to Bourgie Metro Law School Rather than Law and Econ Law School), and for better or worse, I ended up at SSU for four years. Living at home with the aging parents. Those were not the most wild years of my life. But I made the best of them by doing two honors programs, one in each major. That's how I met the Dilettante Journalist--in our English literature honors program. I wrote my senior thesis on race as metaphor in Flannery O'Connor. She wrote hers on cosmetic artifice in the literature of decadence. Those were the days...

We would go to bookstores and rearrange the spines of books to create found poetry. We watched tried to be indie in a city that demanded conformity. It was love.

Still, I remember those years fondly now. Time does wonders for the memory. I'm flying back tomorrow to see some college friends. We're going to eat at our favorite sandwich place across the street from our our old university. Go shopping at one of the many strip malls. Have dinner at our favorite non-Mexican Mexican restaurant, and eat fajitas and drink sissy colored margaritas. Snap!

And then the next day, I'll help her drive to her new city, 500 miles away on the other side of the state. And eventually find my way back here and back to work. Blessed are my four day weekends. But I should have an internet connection by Sunday night.

See you then.


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