Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Somehow, I always manage to get my absences from the blog to be under a week. In the past 6 days, I've broken a 104 degree fever, managed to clumsily take care of children without getting them sick (secret: avoid touching or talking directly to their faces, avoid holding their hands and avoid their food preparation), passing out every few hours, and reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Luis Zafon--a Spanish gothic novel if ever there was one. Highly recommended fun reading. But tonsillitis is no joke. For some reason, it's worse than strep throat (something I was able to blog through last month). Both are related, and they can both recur if antibiotics don't seem to wipe out the first strain. They suck. And having to keep up your duties while nursing a swollen throat is no fun, particularly if you are unable to shout "Get down from that table!" at a child who decides to try climbing. But the worst of it is over.

So now I'm back to the blawgs, and it's fun catching up on the other law profs. Good to know that "blawgs" are on a roll.

But the fun is over. Time to get to work and get back to this blawggish blog.


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