Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some Administrative Business

The reason it takes me so long to post is that I have to draw from multiple web sources (so that you have links, and believe me when I quote something) and do a little research (so that the commentary is well-informed and does not misstate things!). My apologies.

I am thinking of doing a blog series about the Lacrosse gang rape, because I want to help keep this issue alive, and because it raises so many legal issues that need to be discussed.

Tonight's post will be about hate crimes and intersectionality. In the following days (it might take a couple of days if you want some sources and quotes) I want to talk about the economic impact of gender and racial motivated violence, and discuss the Supreme Court's Commerce Clause jurisprudence. Finally, I want to finish with a meditation on the interplay between gender, race, privilege and the academy.

Thanks for reading, and hope you're coming along for the next week or so. You must be sick of me talking about how much I am packing and how conflicted I feel about leaving my family. And given there's still 4 months till the big move, plenty of time to talk about that later. Hopefully this next week will provide something of interest as well as of importance. (but I can't promise either)


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