Saturday, February 04, 2006

You Read, You Link, Or Else over.

I juuuuuust made it.

Do what Scott says. Or ELSE:

I've aborted every word I've written tonight. (That's still legal, isn't it?) I think this is partly because I'm not satisfied with any available Plan B, but I also think that I'm involved in too many conversations to begin again anew tonight.
So I've invented a holiday instead. From this point forward, February 4th will be You Read, You Link Or Else Day. ("Is that a veiled threat there Scott?" "No, it's not veiled at all.
Now link already or face the consequences." "What's behind Door #3?" "A couple of goats and a spokesmodel gussied up like a Hee Haw extra." "Alright then, I'll "or face the consequences, Scott.") So be there or be square . . .
. . . ly beaten with a broomstick for what we both know you've done. I intended this to be a "link post" but decided that there's only so much self-promotion an audience can take before it starts in with the "WE HATE YOU PHIL COLLINS!" So no links. (But if there were they would be here and here.)

I think that's what he means by "link"--I am woeful at html (although look at my sidebar!). So here's the trackback URL .

Now, anyone want to join me for a rousing rendition of "Sussudio"? How about "Groovy Kind of Love"?


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