Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Divisibility and Commodification of Women's Bodies

Brought to you by Tom Ford. Have You Driven a Ford, Lately?

Rebecca Traister says all I want to say, but better.

The breakdown: Tom Ford is a misogynistic megalomaniac. That he is openly gay does not excuse his suggestive pawing at women and using their various curvy body parts as props. And what the HELL is he doing on the cover sniffing Keira Knightley?!

I never read Vanity Fair (although I have been working on the online archive for Marjorie Wilson, an excellent political profiler), but this is enough to make me swear off its faux artistry and sad attempts to be "edgy" and relevant. I think one of my Angry Black friends would just say "man, more naked white people on the cover for sales, and the only brother inside is straddling a bear rug naked."

What I would say is simply, "What the Fuck?!"


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